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Online Pre-Sale: May 6 – May 12, 2023
Indoor-Outdoor Main Event: May 13 & 14, 2023

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods is looking for Artists, Artisans, Makers and Local Businesses and Organizations to be vendors at the 2023 "Mother Earth Market." Taking place every spring between Earth Day and Mother’s Day, the market features and celebrates local artists, makers, vendors and organizations who are inspired by “Mother Earth” and working towards a more sustainable future. As a special treat, the Mother Earth Market will also feature live music performances, storytelling presentations, drop-in classes, activities and more!  A full schedule of events and times will be available later this spring.

Being Part of the Market
Items sold in the Market may include (but are not necessarily limited to): artwork, notecards, jewelry and personal accessories, functional objects for the home or garden, decorative items, toys, personal care items, artisanal food items, plants, Mother’s Day gifts, as well as items, services and educational materials related to community wellbeing and a more sustainable future.  THE MAJORITY OF ITEMS SOLD BY EACH VENDOR MUST BE IN SOME WAY REALTED TO NATURE, WELLBEING, THE ENVIRONMENT AND/OR BE ECO-FRIENDLY (subject matter, materials used, function, locally made, etc.), but we encourage a wide variety of interpretations of that theme. 
**Please be aware that this is a curated market, and participants will be chosen based upon not only the quality of their work, but also how their items would fit into the range of items from all the vendors (style, price range, item type, etc.) in the market this year, and also how similar offerings have fared in past years.  We do this to ensure that we offer the best mix for our shoppers and also to make sure that the artists chosen have the best chance at success.

Question Title

* 1. Are you applying to be part of the Art Market (inside) or to be a tent vendor (outside)*?
*What's the difference?
The in person market on May 13 & 14 will take place both inside Brushwood Center and in tents on the Brushwood Grounds. 

INSIDE – The Art Market: Mostly artwork displayed on communal tables (best for individual artists and small vendors with a limited number of items.)
  • Brushwood Center will be responsible for set up, display, staffing, central checkout, etc. for inside sale
  • Vendors with work displayed inside Brushwood do not need to be present during the sale (though volunteering is highly encouraged). 
  • Art Market vendors will be allowed (in most cases) no more than one 8 foot table of space. If vendors have more stock than will fit in this space, staff may reserve a portion of items as back stock and replenish as needed.
  • Art Market vendors will be expected (if possible) to offer at least a portion of their items in the online pre-sale (May 6 - May 12). Brushwood Center will create & manage the online sale, but Artists will need to provide photos, descriptions, quantities and other details of Items offered in the pre-sale no later than April 24, and all items offered in the pre-sale must be brought to Brushwood Center no later than May 10. 
  • Brushwood will retain 25% of sales from both the pre-sale and inside sale.
OUTSIDE – The Vendor Market: Autonomous tents (best for local businesses & organizations, food vendors, etc.)
  • Vendors will need to be present and be responsible for their own set up, staffing, check out, etc., and bring their own 10' x 10' tent, tables, display racks, etc.
  • Secure interior storage space will be available for anyone who would like to lock up their items Saturday night to Sunday morning.
  • Other amenities such as access to WiFi, water or electricity are available upon request, and may require an extra fee.
  • Tent vendors will be charged (upon acceptance) a permit fee of $150, but will not be charged a percentage of sales.
  • Outside vendors will not be expected to participate in the pre-sale, but are asked to provide information, photos and links to promote their business/organization on the pre-sale website.

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