Eligibility and rules

The GCAAR Good Neighbor Award is given to one GCAAR member per year who contributes volunteer (unpaid) hours to a program that makes a difference in the community at large; the work does not need to be focused on real estate or housing issues.

Applications must be submitted via this form by the deadline of June 14, 2023. Any late applications or applications in the incorrect format will be disqualified. Additional information not asked for in this application will not be accepted.

GCAAR members may nominate themselves or be nominated by another individual with knowledge of their contributions. If you are filling this out for someone else, please fill in the following information for the nominee. There will be a section to add your own name at the end of the application.
1. A nominee for the Good Neighbor Award must be a primary, emeritus or affiliate member of GCAAR in good standing.

2. A nominee’s volunteer work should benefit those living in Montgomery County and/or Washington, D.C. Some volunteer work should have occurred between May 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023, but depth of commitment to the project/non-profit will be considered.

3. Nominees should have made a significant contribution of personal time to their charity, but contributions of money, materials, physical activity and other resources will be considered. Please provide as much detail as possible on how the nominee is a Good Neighbor.

4. Nominees will be evaluated on their level of personal contribution, the impact of their personal contribution and broadness of impact in the community. We will also be looking at how they helped the organization meet its goals and establish new initiatives.

5. The Good Neighbor award will be presented to an individual, not a brokerage/company, as it is intended to spotlight the contributions of one person. If the achievement is tied to two GCAAR members, and that achievement cannot/should not be separated, the pair may submit a single application.