2023 Dale Butler Equal Rights Awards Nominations

The Equal Rights Annual Award is presented each year as a special honor to recognize one or more Stanislaus County individuals for outstanding or unusual achievement in furthering the County’s Equal Rights Program goals.
Members of the County Equal Rights Commission or any other County employee may nominate other County employees for their contributions in furthering the County’s Equal Rights Programs.  Individuals who have been nominated but who have not previously won the award may be re-nominated. 
Members of the County Equal Rights Commission will review nominations and other information provided by the County Equal Rights Officer on each nominee’s record in furthering the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity within their respective departments.  Criteria to be considered will include, but is not necessarily limited to:
  • Encourage positive progress of EEO / Equal Rights in Stanislaus County by serving as a liaison body with interested groups in the community.
  • Encourage County-wide collaboration through County leadership and departmental personnel to ensure that Stanislaus County embraces the EEO commitment statement through its business practices, communication, leadership trainings and diversity celebrations.
  • Contributions made to enhance County Equal Rights programs.
In short, the Commission will consider nominees who have shown a positive attitude and visibly demonstrated support for the County Equal Rights Program.
The Equal Rights Award will be presented annually by the Board of Supervisors, the Chief Executive Office, and a member of the Equal Rights Commission.
Please use the space below to nominate a county employee. 

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* 1. Individual to be nominated

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* 2. Individual to contact for additional information about the nominee.

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* 3. Description of nominee’s achievements in furthering the County’s Equal Rights Program goals (attach additional sheets as necessary).

Be as specific and include quantitative description of contributions when possible. For example, “employee X made a suggestion to change a policy    to ensure Equal Rights. This change impacted ## of employees or clients in the following ways”):

Thank you for your submission. Nominations will be reviewed at a future Equal Rights Commission meeting, with recommendations of recipient names sent to the board by the end of September 2023.  Recipients to be notified of award selection at a future date.