The Australian Property Institute Valuers Ltd Professional Standards Scheme ('APIV Scheme', also known as the APIV Limitation of Liability Scheme) is a legal instrument that provides the APIV members with an opportunity to cap their liability to a predetermined limit in the event that a claim is raised with respect to their occupational liability. The APIV Scheme binds the APIV to monitor, enforce and improve the professional standards of its members and protect consumers of professional services.
The Professional Standards Councils ('PSC'), independent statutory bodies responsible for promoting professional standards and consumer protection, regulate the APIV and its members.
APIV and its members have various compliance obligations pursuant to the professional standards legislation. A crucial aspect of such obligations is the requirement for members to declare their compliance annually and the APIV to monitor members' compliance.
Purpose of the Self-Declaration
It is the APIV members' responsibility to determine their obligations and ensure that their compliance with the requirements of the APIV Scheme and the professional standards legislation.

APIV members complete the declaration process via the Compulsory Annual Compliance Questionnaire (Declaration) ('the Questionnaire'). At the renewal of their annual APIV membership, each APIV member who is an insured Business/Company is required to self-declare compliance with various obligations under the professional standards legislation by completing the Questionnaire.  

As the Questionnaire is a critical component of your APIV membership compliance, if you do not provide us with the information requested or any additional information we request, we will not be able to process your membership renewal or confirm your participation in the APIV Scheme.

What if I do not complete the renewal? 
- No ability to claim the protection of the Scheme if a claim arises.
- Breaches the APIV and API Membership Policy.
- Noted as non-compliant to the APIV board.
- Noted and reported as non-compliant to the Professional Standards Councils - our governing government body.
- Expulsion from the APIV Scheme,
- Your CPV or RPV certification issued by the API may be affected.

Completing the Self-Declaration

What information do I need to complete the Questionnaire?

The Questionnaire requires members to provide a significant amount of information to the APIV. 

Prior to commencing the Questionnaire, please ensure that you have the following information/documents at hand to assist you in answering the questions:
  • Policy schedule and wording for your Business/Company's current professional indemnity insurance policy ('PII policy');
  • Certificate of Currency for your current PII policy;
  • Number of Valuations and type of work carried out during the 2022 year;
  • Details of the highest single valuation of real property - (or properties if assessed in 'one-line'), undertaken by your Business/Company in the 12 months period immediately before your most recent PI policy renewal date (eg. if your PII policy was last renewed on 1/10/2022, please use the highest valuation between 1/10/2021 and 1/10/2022);
  • Details of the highest single valuation of real property as above, but excluding any work categorised as 'Low-Risk Valuation' under the Low-Risk Valuation Scheme Amendment, (click HERE for further information);
  • Latest APIV membership confirmation letter issued by the APIV; and
  • 2022 APIV membership renewal Invoice issued by the APIV.
What if I don't understand a question?
We recommend that you seek advice from your broker/professional advisor, or from the APIV team if you need assistance with completing this Questionnaire. 

Consent to speak to your PI insurance broker
Sometimes we may need to clarify an aspect of your response with you or your PI insurance broker. To assist with this process, we ask that you provide your consent for the APIV to contact and discuss your APIV membership, PI insurance and claims information with your broker by completing the last section of the Questionnaire. We also ask that you provide a similar consent to your broker to discuss the same with us.
APIV's reporting obligations to the PSC
The APIV respects the privacy of individuals and businesses and acknowledges that the information you provide on this Questionnaire and any attachments may be 'personal information as defined by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This information is being collected principally to provide aggregated and unidentifiable data to the PSC as part of APIV’s reporting obligations.

For further information on the APIV's reporting obligations and privacy policy, please ensure to read the Privacy Statement and Collection Notice found in the last section of the Questionnaire.

As noted above, it is imperative that the information that you provide to the APIV is accurate to the best of your knowledge as it forms the basis for the APIV's reporting obligations to the PSC. The PSC then use the data obtained from the various occupational associations to draft their reports to the Ministers and Parliaments of each state and territory.

Giving false or misleading information to the APIV, and in turn to the PSC and the Ministers, is a serious offence. See, for example, section 307B of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) and similar provisions in other States.

Contact Us
If you have any queries regarding the Questionnaire or other aspects of the annual membership renewal process, you can contact the APIV staff at
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