PSI has partnered with the California Department of Real Estate and is conducting a job analysis survey to obtain information about the job requirements of licensed California Real Estate professionals.

The survey is divided into 3 parts: Background Questions, Professional Activity and Knowledges. After completing the Background Questions section, please carefully review the survey instructions. As you read each Professional Activity statement and Knowledge statement, you will be asked to rate the statement for (1) frequency, (2) importance and (3) level of competence required at the time of licensure. Please be sure to review and respond to all statements.

You will receive 3 hours of Continuing Education- Consumer Service credits for completing this survey. Please put in your name, DRE license number, and email address at the end of the survey to receive these credits. **Credits may take approximately 4-6 weeks to issue.**

Please complete the survey by: November 8
, 2023