The Atlanta University Center (AUC) Data Science Initiative invites AUC faculty, staff, and graduate students to participate in interactive, virtual data science workshops. Topics are chosen to upskill and expand knowledge in various areas of data science, coding, data manipulation, machine learning, AI, and analytics. We offer a variety of workshops that target those from across disciplines. The diverse schedules aim to provide opportunities to engage in data science. We will have a few in-person workshops this summer as well. 

Join us!
Preference is given to those who apply by April 15, 2022. There are no guaranteed spots for those who apply after this date.
To read descriptions of our workshops, click HERE.

Eligibility Information 
Applicants must be faculty, staff, or graduate students in the AUC; have a working laptop/computer; and have access to the internet.  

Workshops Application Opens on Pi Day! March 14, 2022
Please apply by April 15, 2021.
Notification will be sent by May 5, 2021.
Those who accept the awards agree to: 
  • Attend all days and sessions. 
  • Be ready to engage, focus on the task at hand, and not participate in other activities during the workshop.  
  • Complete a 2-page report on how the information learned can be used in an upcoming course or research project and is due upon completion of the workshop.
  • Participate in pre- and post-surveys. 
This opportunity has been made possible in part by the UnitedHealth Group.

If you have questions, please contact:
Dr. Talitha Washington
AUC Data Science Initiative, Director