The WICT Network: Southeast would like to offer you – a valued member – a special opportunity to apply for the Dana B. Dawson Fellowship to The WICT Network's 2022 Leadership Conference October 10 - 11, 2022.

The WICT Leadership Conference is the preeminent leadership and professional development opportunity for cable professionals at all levels of their career journeys. And this year’s program will be entirely virtual. 

The recipient of the Dana B. Dawson Fellowship, created in memory of a much loved and missed former WICTSE board member, is selected based, in part, on the applicant’s ability to demonstrate how the WICT Network Leadership Conference will help them gain new leadership skills to be applied to their passion for promoting and supporting other women through volunteerism.

Don't miss the chance to join hundreds of professionals from the media, entertainment and technology industry in this invaluable educational experience!

Conference details can be found here.

The Fellowship application deadline is Wednesday, August 31 at 5pm ET. The WICT Network: Southeast Chapter Membership Committee will review all applications and notify the winners by Friday, September 16.

The Fellowship includes:
• In-person or virtual conference Registration fee

Fellowship eligibility requirements:
•Applicant must be a 2022 member of the WICT Network: Southeast Chapter.
•Applicant has received manager's approval to participate in the program and is responsible for arranging the time off from work as well as travel expenses. Members in transition are also encouraged to apply.
•Applicant must have volunteered at and/or attended a WICT Network: Southeast Chapter event within the past year.
•Applicant must not have received a WICT Southeast Leadership Conference Fellow in the past 3 years.

The following factors are considered when selecting fellowship recipients. The applicant demonstrates:
•Thoughtful, clear and thorough responses.
•Financial need (company doesn't cover cost for attending the conference or is a member in transition).
•Clear goals that will be achieved by attending the event.
•Example(s) of involvement in WICT.