Please read all of the following information before you start your application. You will not be able to save your work and will need to complete the application in one sitting. We highly recommend preparing your essay answers before you begin.

Basic Requirements:
Before beginning, please ensure that you meet the following requirements. You qualify for the scholarship if you:
  • are a San Mateo County resident
  • will be between 16 and 21 years old on May 19, 2022
  • are at least a current junior in high school
  • have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • have attended a Jobs for Youth workshop and have registered as a Member
  • have never received the scholarship before

If you do not meet the above requirements, you do not qualify for the scholarship. Please email us at with any questions.

Application Materials:
Ensure that you have the following ready before starting your application:
  • The names and contact information for your two professional references (for example, teachers, counselors, employers, or coaches). Be sure to ask permission before submitting a reference's name. If you are not ready to start your application, you may send this link to your references:
  • Your contact and education information
  • A copy of your latest official or unofficial transcript (contact your school counselor or registrar for assistance)
  • Two high-quality, full-color photos of yourself (no selfies, please). These photos will not be used during the selection process. If you are chosen to receive an award, your photo/s will be used in our announcements and other communications about the scholarship winners.
Additionally, you may want to prepare your answers to the essay questions.

Essay Questions:
You will need to answer each of the following questions in 150 words or less:
  • Describe why you need financial assistance. (150 words or less)
  • Describe any hardships you have faced. (150 words or less)
  • Please share a few of your accomplishments. (150 words or less)
  • What is your educational/vocational focus? What subjects are you interested in studying and why? (150 words or less)
  • If you are selected, how do you plan to use the scholarship? (150 words or less)

Ready to get started? Great! Click "Next" below, and be sure to submit your application by 11:59 pm on January 30, 2022. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.