Election Ballot

Voting is open from March 12 through April 09, 2022.

Only ballots with both the full Owner name and Owner number are valid.

One vote per Owner.

Secondary shoppers cannot vote in lieu of Owner.

The IVFC Board of Directors crafts long term planning for the co-op’s vision, provides fiscal oversight of the business, and oversees the General Manager. The Board represents the Ownership, which serves a crucial function in the cooperative. There are currently four open seats on the seven-seat board; three Owners are running to fill those open seats.

This election is not contested but we need to Owners to vote in support of electing these candidates to the Board.

Please vote for the candidates you support to serve on your Board of Directors. Since the election is uncontested, this is a vote of confidence. You may vote for all candidates if you choose.

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Julia Barbosa:
I have been a frequent shopper and Isla Vista Food Coop enthusiast for nearly a decade. I live in Isla Vista and the IVFC has been my main source of groceries in a store setting for the past 5 years.

I am passionate about supporting ethically and sustainably sourced foods that honor the health of our soils and our environment. I am also a staunch supporter of our local Farmers’ markets and have developed relationships with many of our local growers over the years. I have admired the IVFC’s curation of local and non-local products alike, maximizing the quality and variety of products available in our limited store space. I would like to see the IVFC continuing to support our local growers while being a reliable source of accessible groceries for our community.

Serving on the IVFC would be a great opportunity to give back to this wonderful cooperative that has given us so much.

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Lisa Oglesby:
I believe that cooperatives provide an important alternative business model that emphasizes not only WHAT we do but HOW we do it. Our co-op is more than a grocery store, we nourish the community through food, education, and togetherness. When we succeed, we invite everyone to share in that success.

This year we celebrate 50 years since of the founding of our co-op. This is no small feat! It took hard work and vision to start the co-op - and then many more people getting involved, sharing the work, and expanding that vison to get us where we are today. After the challenges of recent years, we must lean into our values and strengths to focus on recovery and stability into the future.

As your currently serving Board President, I understand the challenges that lay before us and am committed to ensuring our co-op thrives into our next 50 years. I joined the co-op in 1993 when I came to IV as a UCSB student. I began my Board service in 2003. Since that time, I have worked with my fellow Directors to be on a progressive path to make our Board and our cooperative the best we can be. The Board is committed to growth and improvement of the service we provide on behalf of the Ownership.

If elected to the Board this term, I will also be focused on the next phase of the co-op’s governance. With this term I will be able effectively train the next Board President and ensure the work of the Board can continue with the support of well documented institutional knowledge being passed to the next generation of co-op leadership.

I ask for your support and your vote into a new term on the Board. Go co-op!

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Megan Connors:

As of 3/21/22 Megan has withdrawn her candidacy

Hi! My name is Megan Connors and I would like to serve on the Board for the Isla Vista Food Cooperative. Being a part of the food coop has been a wonderful experience. I would like to give back in a meaningful way to this non-profit organization.

I believe that I have a broad perspective- as I have been an employee, a coop member and a graduate of UCSB. I have been going to the coop ever since I moved here about 10 years ago. I have seen the coop through many changes including the installation of the patio, solar panels, multiple renovations as well as different people contributing over the years.

Investing in Santa Barbara’s rich local food culture is so important. Currently I do so by working at the farmers market as well as helping out at local farms. There is a lot of grounding in community and growing into opportunity that is available at our fingertips as an organization. I would like to help tap into the potential role that it may play in the future as well as to find space in remembering its past.

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* 3. Vote for the candidates you support for the Isla Vista Food Co-op Board of Directors.  You can vote for all!