Cigarette Litter Collection Stands

stands Cigarette Litter Receptacle Order Request

Keep America Beautiful affiliates and partner organizations have an opportunity to participate in a KAB initiative to place 5,000 litter stands to collect and recycle cigarette butts in communities nationwide and educate adult smokers 21+ on the importance of disposing of their cigarette butts properly.

Affiliates and community partners are being given the opportunity to enter locations (city and zip code) on a map to indicate where they would like to see a litter stand installed. As stands are placed, an interactive map will populate showing locations that have been selected.

To support efforts to end littering and promote recycling, Keep America Beautiful request your help in finding locations to place litter stands to enable adult smokers to properly manage their cigarette butts.
  • Open Community Grant - not limited to KAB Affiliates however non-KAB Affiliate applicants are encouraged to partner with a KAB Affiliate in their community
  • KAB Affiliates applying must be a member of KAB's President Circle prior to submitting their request
  • Install the litter stand(s) in an accessible place (e.g., outside entrance to retail location, or transition point where adult smokers commonly dispose of cigarette butts). Hardware is included to mount each receptacle.
  • Maintain litter stand(s) (e.g., regularly empty cigarette butts for expense paid shipment to Terracycle for recycling).
  • Share the GPS coordinates of each litter stand location with KAB to include on the interactive map. GPS coordinates can be identified in several ways: 1)  Enter the litter stand location/address into and record coordinates or 2) Using Google Maps, right-click the place on the map. Select “What’s Here?”. At the bottom of the map, a card with coordinates will appear.
  • Recycle cigarette butts through Terracycle’s Cigarette Recycling Program - recycling is offered free of charge to participants

Open Application while supplies last -- contact Randy Hartmann,
Review Process, Criteria, & Order Fulfillment Priorities
  • Applications will be reviewed & decided by KAB Staff.
  • Order requests will be evaluated for responsiveness, alignment with Keep America Beautiful mission and goal to eliminate litter
  • Alignment with existing  or new cigarette litter prevention program (CLPP)
  • Measurable outcomes in terms of cigarette litter reduced and materials recycled 
Reporting Requirements

Grant wrap-up reports must include the following information:
  • Date Receptacles were Received & Placed Into Service
  • GPS coordinates for each receptacle placed
  • Estimated quantity of cigarette litter butts collected