The latest edition of the County Government in Utah book has been published! This book contains resources that are helpful for all levels of county government.

Each elected or appointed county official in Utah (assessors, attorneys, auditors, clerks, commissioners/councilmembers, recorders, sheriffs, and treasurers) may receive a free copy. Many of the county officials already received their free copy at the 2021 UAC Convention. If a county official did not receive their free copy at the Convention, they may fill out the form to be shipped their copy.

This book costs $35 for non-county officials (e.g. deputies, staff, advisors, directors, educators, etc.) purely to cover the costs of printing and shipping. To order copies, you may fill out this form and pay at the end with credit card, and you will be shipped your copy.

If you need to order books for county officials, please go here and complete the order form there:

If you need to order books for non-county officials, please complete the order form you are already on.
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