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* 1. Read each of the predictions and share the degree to which you agree or disagree with each of the predictions.

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we will see a fundamental shift in the lens through which people view whom they want to date, love and have sex with, given pandemic-driven reassessment of personal social and sexual values, who shares them and who is safe to be with
2021 will be prove to be the last year of growth in gas-powered automobiles
Return to the office in 2021.
Further democratization of health + wellness - with at home workouts, healthier diets (people cooking more and drinking less alcohol)
Netflix is going to make a major play for narrative podcasting
2021 will be the year we all realize that our media/information ecosystem is broken and search for the root causes of our failures over the past few years.
A more collaborative creator community will emerge between full time jobs and the Creator Economy, leading to a healthier media ecosystem
Productivity-centric companies like Zoom, DocuSign and Slack, among others, to continue to gain ground post pandemic, even as some workers return to the office in 2021.
Healthcare efficiency gains will be marginal and costs will continue to rise.
Invite-only chats and channels tailored to particular interests or real-world social groups will accelerate, thanks to worries about social media’s effects on our privacy, mental health and, in the U.S., political divides so deep they seem unbridgeable—especially on Facebook.
Unlikely and surprising collaborations with people and companies with otherwise conflicting viewpoints becomes all the rage as a rejection of partisanship and division.
The Covid Pandemic will end in the developed world in 2021.
You may have to download an app to attend a sporting event or other public gathering.
From Tik Tok to OnlyFans to Crypto to Influencer culture owning their masters, we will see an explosion in the displays of rebellion, exuberance, individualism, raw energy, and new forms of cultural innovation.
A “new” social platform breaks out in 2021.
Digital remittances will most likely soar in 2021.
2021 is the year Sleep moves to the forefront of the wellness conversation.
Smaller companies will found collaboratives — joining forces to gain leverage over shipping partners, advertisers, etc.
There will be a major focus on creating virtual experiences that build community, make life easier for your customers, and bring your brand to life in new, unexpected ways.
Social commerce is the new sliced bread
Facebook will hit peak usage, and it's downhill from there.
2021 will be the Roaring 20s for the experience economy and e-commerce businesses will experience a steep decline despite incredible gains in 2020.
Demand for flavors with global appeal and health cred intensifies
Social media will move away from the monopolized FB and expand into more niche, exclusive communities.
Consumers focusing on value as they have to grip with the economic effects of the pandemic.
In 2021, we will continue to see a shift away from urban centers to suburbs and rural areas, as some people become reluctant to live and work in expensive, dense cities with rising crime rates.
We will eat more plant-based foods.
Consumers will become more optimistic about travel again which will materialize across industries, from travel themed ads to retail partnerships to the obvious transportation boom.
We can definitely expect to see exciting plant-based swaps to appear in more categories across food & beverage next year.
We expect our archaic and complex healthcare system, which makes up a significant portion of US GDP, to finally modernize in 2021 and beyond.
There will be more customization of everything
Diners will seek out digitally integrated curbside channels as a faster, cheaper alternative to delivery.
Expect a folding phone selling for just three figures in 2021.
More companies jump on health and immunity bandwagon
Personal Rehabilitation will become a theme - helping people regain what was lost, rehabilitate what was damaged
More companies starting to develop "in-home care" models across different patient segments.
A consumer outburst of socialness expressed by travel, entertainment while aided from increased de-regulation of gambling and prohibition-esque cannabis usage
The era of everybody having a podcast will close out. Only the best content will survive and be amplified.
“Apprenticeships” coming back in 2021 as unemployment levels in our industry remain high due to the pandemic.
Despite work from home, co-working is here to stay.
We will see people returning in droves to offices, restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, stadiums, concerts, parties, travel, theaters, and anywhere that they can be social with others.
Influencers and consumers as Mulit-Level Marketers. Integrations like Instagram shopping, the TikTok + Shopify partnership and drop ship integrations will allow influencers and top consumers to graduate from brand influencers to brand mini-stores.
Tech-enabled transparency in food supply chain is will become critical.
While e-commerce will continue to grow, it will become apparent that the deaths of offline retail and malls have been greatly exaggerated.
We will continue to want to work from home, exercise from home, shop from home, watch first run movies from home, order in, livestream, etc.

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* 2. What's your prediction for 2021?

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