The recipient of this award is an eWomenNetwork member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and business skills in the course of starting and growing her company.  She must be the owner/CEO of a 51% woman-owned business that has a minimum of 4 full time employees with an annual company revenue of at least $1 million for the preceding fiscal year.
*eWomenNetwork contractors, employees, managing directors and their families are not eligible to participate.*

Nominee Information

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2. Does the nominee have a family member working for eWomenNetwork either in the Corporate office, Foundation, or as a contractor?

eWomenNetwork contractors, employees, and their family members (spouses, parents, children, siblings and their respective spouses, regardless of where they live) or persons living in the same households of such employees, whether or not related, are ineligible for Made it to a Million Award consideration.

eWomenFoundation will determine eligibility at its sole discretion.

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This award is given to a woman business owner who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership and business skills in the course of building her business to generate $1 million in revenues. Please write in 1,000 words or less why the nominee should be considered for the International Femtor Award "Made it to a Million." Be specific and give examples to support your assertions about her leadership and business skills and most importantly, their impact on her organization and the people in it. Of particular interest are obstacles that have been overcome to achieve success, attention to employees, customers and community.