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Five things we can tell you. Five (or so) things you can tell us.

1.     We are hopeful.
We are still hoping to meet live in Boston, September 29-October 2 (nine days before the rescheduled Boston Marathon). If this was the 48th or the 52nd CNS Annual Meeting, planning/cancellation decisions might be framed differently. It’s not. 50th/Golden Anniversary Meetings only happen once.

2.     We are not naïve.
Given the current variable and confusing state of the pandemic in the US and worldwide, nothing is certain and nothing can or should be assumed about the state of the US or the world five months from now, including how many and/or which CNS members will travel to Boston for the meeting.  

3.     Some things we assume, some things we don’t.
  • We assume all CNS members hoping to attend the meeting will be vaccinated and willing to follow CDC-recommended safety protocol in place at the Hynes Convention Center and the Sheraton Boston.
  • We don’t assume (or presume) that after 15 months of not traveling, everyone feels safe flying. Nor do we presume that those who do will prioritize regathering with colleagues in Boston over, say, reuniting with parents, children, or grandchildren.

4.     Most CME content will be available live whether you’re in Boston or not.

If we’re lucky, this will be a hybrid meeting, ie both live in-person and live-streamed/virtually. Non-CME programming, including social events, exhibits, posters and networking opportunities, may be limited in size and number in Boston and not live-streamed. They will, however, still be available virtually (in some cases maybe even more easily and optimally available). The real missing element in virtual mode is the inter-personal networking dimension we all are so eager to get back to, never more so than in celebrating the Society’s 50thAnniversary Meeting.
5.     Registration fees will be the same whether you’re in Boston or not.

Hybrid meetings, with live-streamed virtual access, cost real money to stage. Any savings individual attendees might hope to see by staying home and attending virtually will not come from registration fees, but will come instead from not paying for hotel, travel, etc.
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