US TAG Participant Membership and Membership Renewal

Please complete this form to become a new member or edit your information as an existing member of the US TAG to ISO/TC276 Biotechnology.
All who successfully complete this application will become members of the US TAG (Technical Advisory Group) to ISO/TC276 Biotechnology.  This group may also be referred to as the US Mirror Committee

Each member must join at least one WG (working group) below (and may join all groups if desired).  WG 4 and 5 groups encompass all of the projects within the specific WG, while WG2 and WG3, our largest WGs, are split by subtopic.

1.     WG1 Terminology:  WG1 projects will be covered under the other teams, so no group is to be formed specifically for this WG (ad-hoc meetings will be called when needed—members of any group would be welcome at these meetings).
2.     WG2 Biobanking & bioresources
                  WG2.1  Human biospecimens
                  WG2.2  Non-human biospecimens
3.     WG3 Analytical methods
                  WG3.1  Genomic measurements
                  WG3.2  Cell measurements
                  WG3.3  Authentication and contamination of cell lines
4.     WG4 Bioprocessing (all projects)
5.     WG5 Data processing & integration (all projects)
6.     TC34/SC16/JWG11 Biobanking for agriculture and food production (Joint working group between TC276 and TC34)