September 18 2021 Cub Leader Training Signup Survey

This a "sign up survey" for Cub Leader Training on Saturday, September 18, 2021 (1:00 pm to 4:15) at Woodward Academy, so come after, or bring, your lunch.  This is a free event.

This program is both an introduction to Cub Scouting for all parents who want to be involved (since you'll either help your den leader or you'll be a leader) and covers "Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training" for all Pack Roles -- that makes this ideal as a "Cub Scout Leader Team Training" for your whole leader team -- how you share ideas and make plans with your team at and after this training may be the best part of the program.  This program is geared to give your team of Parents and Den Leaders and Cubmasters and Assistants and Committee Members the same base of knowledge and skills they need to have a fun and meaningful activities for your Scouts.

We require "advance signup" because we will provide materials for attendees, and we cannot magically produce extra copies for people who "drop in".   We reserve the right to cancel this program if we do not have at least 10 advance signups by 10:00 pm on the Thursday before -- if you sign up and we fall short, we'll let you know if this cancels, but if you don't sign up, we can't know to contact you.   (Best plan: round up more parents to attend). 
The presenter is Bert Bender, Cub Leader Trainer in the Southern Crescent District and the New Member Coordinator for Atlanta Area Council recruiting, plus the creator of the 96 Cub Adventure Resource pages found here, and presenter of the 2021 "Build Your Best Year in Cub Scouting" training found here.   Email with any questions.
........... More details about the class are in the survey below . . .   

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* 1. First . . .

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* 2. My Cub Scout leadership role is (select all that apply):

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* 3. Have you participated in a Scout Leader training course before?

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* 4. Note: this Cub Scout Leader Training will not divide into separate silos of Den Leader, Cubmaster and Committee training classes.  Why Not?  Because training the team together just makes more sense:  Position Specific Training is just an introduction to get the most of the Cub Scouting experience, so we want you to find out how you would like to help.  Also:

1) over 75% of the online training content for Cubmasters, Den Leaders, and Committee Chairs consists of exactly the same modules, and some of the online modules for one type of leader are pretty useful to others -- after all, Committee people can better help Den Leaders and Cubmasters if they have a basic idea of what the Cubmaster and Den Leaders are trying to do;

2) in Cub Scouting, you're either a Den Leader leading Scouts, or your job is to help your Den Leader lead Scouts ... so to help Den Leaders as a Committee Member or Cubmaster, you need to know what Den Leaders do -- and Den Leaders and Committee people need to know what the Cubmaster is trying to do;

3)  often Cubmasters and Den Leaders handle a lot of “planning” and “support” elements that a Committee might do, so this makes it easier for those direct contact leaders to know those support roles and recruit help to take over the jobs -- both to get it done if nobody steps up,  and to pass the job to a willing Helper when you find one.  Oh, and recent training materials confirm that Den Leaders and Cubmasters and Assistants are also automatic members of the Pack Committee, so maybe knowing how it should function is a help.

As a result, the class may run a little longer than a "one level only" class to cover the differences and ways to "incorporate all" in one meeting.

Does that present a concern for you?

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* 5. To help us plan, tell us some more information about your Pack, its Scouts, and its Leadership.

First . . . best guess -- how big do you think your Pack will be this coming program year (2021-2022)?

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* 6. Also: the Trainer reserves the right to cancel the session on 24 hours notice if fewer than 10 attendees are firmly committed to attend.

The reason for this is that the lessons are most effectively learned by having at least a "den size" in the Class -- and attendees will have a more valuable experience in a larger group.  You can check in with for updates on signups as the date approaches.

Does this create a problem for you?

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* 7. Are there others you know of in your Pack who would be interested in attending this Cub Leader Training class?

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* 8. Thank you for your responses. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments about our Training -- like whether you have specific topics, questions or issues you would like to see covered in this class? -- put them below, or email with your comments.