Award nominations will be accepted through January 14, 2022.

The AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor magazine are looking for outstanding women who continue to make their mark on the accounting profession, whether through new technologies, practices, educating, consulting, improving workflow, or creating dynamic work environments. Please use this form to nominate women who are having the greatest impact on the accounting profession. 

The ideal candidate for the Most Powerful Women in Accounting awards will demonstrate the following traits:

1. She has been the driving force to create a culture of excellence, innovation, and inclusion. If she is a vendor, she has helped to develop the technologies and solutions that will empower organizations to be more productive and profitable.
2. She is one of the top leaders in the accounting profession and her leadership has had a demonstrable effect upon the accomplishments of the organization with which she is associated.
3. She is a mentor, sponsor, and a role model, someone who stands out in her ability to encourage and help those around her thrive and flourish.
4. The work she does is influential and is having a positive impact on the accounting profession as a whole.

What is the deadline for submitting my nomination(s)?
Award nominations will be accepted through January 14, 2022.

The winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges chosen by the AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor.

* Employees of the AICPA, CPA Practice Advisor, and state CPA societies are not eligible for nomination.
* Multiple nominations for the same woman do not impact the likelihood of selection.
If you have any technical questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Isaac O'Bannon at