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* 1. Please fill out your contact information

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* 2. What Popcorn Seminar would you like to attend? 

Super Saturday Schedule:
New Chairs 8:15
Returning Chairs 9:15

All other in person trainings start at 7:00 pm. 

Online training is available starting Aug 3

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* 3. How many adults, including yourself will you be bringing for your unit?
(Please use a number, leave blank if attending online training)

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* 4. If attending a Super Saturday training, how many youth and adults are you bringing for the activities?

Base Camp - Activities and Games
New Hope - Star Wars A New Hope

(Please use a number, leave blank if you are not attending a Super Saturday)

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* 5. Thank you for registering for a 2021 Popcorn Seminar. We will email you 7-10 days before your event with final details and directions, and then again 48 hours before you event. 

You will not receive a confirmation email upon completion of this survey. Please hit DONE. 

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