Mental Health First Aid Registration

Please use this web page to register for Mental Health First Aid for Older Adults offered to individuals who live or work in McLean County, Illinois.  Adults who do not live or work in McLean County are welcome to join our courses for a higher cost.

This evidenced-based, Mental Health First Aid for Older Adult course teaches everyday individuals how to recognize when an older adult (over age 65) may be experiencing a mental health crisis, substance use issue, or other social-emotional problem and then how to intervene and support until professional help can be accessed.  Participants must be 18 years old or older.

In-person courses are eight hours of instruction plus breaks for self-care and a 30 minute lunch break.  These breaks have been added to the instruction time.  All participants will receive course materials for this training.  

Please Note: 
It is our intention to host this course in-person. We hope that the pandemic will have subsided to the point where this is possible. We will provide individual tables for social distancing, require masks for non-vaccinated individuals (or for all, depending upon CDC recommendations), sanitizing wipes, and other safety options.

Please email Maureen Sollars with questions or concerns.

The cost of this course is $12.00 per person for adults who live and or work in McLean County, Illinois.  Those outside of McLean County will be charged $24.00.  You will be considered registered when your payment is received at the McLean County Health Department.   

We do not want the cost of the course to stop anyone who lives in McLean County from taking Mental Health First Aid.  If you would like to take the course, but can not pay $12, please contact Maureen at for information about grants to pay all or most of the cost.

To register, please continue