2021 Homes for All Endorsement

Endorsing Process

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The policies and funding on our 2021 legislative agenda represent goals and values set out by the policy team over the summer. They are: preserve the homes we have, build more homes, housing stability/anti-displacement, equitable access and fair treatment and wealth building. Homes for All was more intentional this year than in past years to ensure that policy and funding items that make it onto our full agenda are informed by those with direct lived expertise and most importantly, that equity was at the forefront of every conversation and decision. Our agenda is flexible to be responsive to the times we are in with a budget deficit and the pandemic, but we see a number of items as transformational to the existing housing system. 
General Legislative Work:
  • Advocate for budget targets in Taxes, Housing and HHS committees in both the Senate and House to support the needed investment throughout the housing continuum.
  • Revenue Raising/Tax Expenditure Review Opportunities (Working Group Created)
  • Covid-19 Emergency Flexible Emergency Funding & Policies (examples):
  • Eviction Moratorium
  • Housing Assistance
  • Emergency Services Program
  • Eviction Reforms (Pre-eviction notice and expungement): Requires landlords to provide a pre-filing notice 14-days before a formal eviction action could be brought in court and prohibits eviction reporting until a court judgement has been rendered in favor of the landlord. The court would also order an expungement if the eviction was ordered three or more years ago.
  • Manufactured Home Parks Opportunity for Purchase: Would require a 60-day notice to residents of a manufactured home park to allow for an opportunity by residents to purchase the land.
  • Source of Income Discrimination: Prevents landlords from denying rental agreements based on the type of income a person has (i.e. voucher).
  • Longer Terms of Affordability: Require a minimum of 30 years of affordability for multifamily projects funded at least in part by Minnesota Housing.
  • Deeper Affordability New Use for Bonding: Allow for the development of units up to 50% AMI (but targeted at 30% AMI) not necessarily tied to supportive services
  • Shelter Residents Bill of Rights: Guarantees safe and dignified shelter for all people experiencing homelessness.

  • Housing Supports Increase & Waiver: Increasing the provider rate to offset increased rents and the waiver allows for longer absences.
  • Emergency Services Program: Flexible funding to support homeless shelters meet the needs of their guests.
  • Bonding: Housing Infrastructure Bonds and General Obligation Bonds to support the development and preservation of affordable and public housing.
  • Workforce Homeownership Minnesota Program: Funding support affordable homeownership opportunities
  • 4d: Simplify and reduce the real estate tax classification rate to 0.25 percent for all Class 4d affordable housing rental properties.
  • Bridges: Connects people with serious mental illness to a housing voucher until they can enroll in Section 8.
Support Agenda:
  • Lease Fairness
  • NOAH Preservation
  • Shelter Capital
  • Long-Term Homeless Supportive Services
  • Lead Safe Homes
  • Rent Stabilization for MH Home Parks
  • Heat & Repairs
  • MN Legal Aid Eviction Reforms
  • Priority Lien Status
  • Beacon Bring It Home
  • Land Property Donation Credit
  • Permanent Supportive Housing via HSASMI
  • Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund
  • Greater MN Tribes and CoC

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Thank you for your commitment to advancing housing stability for all Minnesotans!