Thank you for nominating an NTSA Member for the NTSA 2021 Richard Ford Volunteer Service Award. The nomination period is open until June 15, 2020. 
The NTSA Richard Ford Volunteer Service Award honors and promotes NTSA members’ donation of time and talent in two areas:

1.     NTSA: Volunteerism with NTSA standing committees and projects
2.     Community and/or Government: Service locally and/or nationally

Established in honor of the unique, lifelong volunteer efforts of Richard Ford, himself a lively and dedicated NTSA volunteer for its whole life, as well as active in service to many aspects of his communities, the Award began on NTSA’s 30th anniversary. In 2020, three NTSA members were honored. 

To be eligible to be considered for the Award, an individual must fulfill:

1.     MEMBERSHIP: NTSA member in good standing, for three years, including the Award Year (for 2021 Award, member as of 2019), and in full compliance with the ARA Code of Conduct.

2.     GOOD STANDING: If an NTSA Advisor Member, must be in good standing with FINRA & SEC, and in good standing with state insurance regulators in the states where registered. If not an NTSA Advisor Member, affirmation of good standing may be requested from supervisor, if other than Nominator.

3.     PRESENT VOLUNTEERISM & SERVICE: Minimum of 10 hours in recent annual time period preceding nomination, both for NTSA, as well as for community and/or government.

4.     PAST VOLUNTEERISM & SERVICE: Minimum of 20 hours total in the last one (1) to five (5) previous calendar years, both for NTSA, as well as for community and/or government.
Only the Award Judging Committee is ineligible for nomination.  There are no self-nominations.  Full terms and conditions are available online and for additional information visit
By submission of the Nomination form, I affirm to the best of my knowledge that this individual is in good standing in their firm and industry. 

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* 2. What is your Nominator STORY about the significance, meaning and results of this individual's volunteerism and service? (50-150 words)  Approved for public use.

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