Due November 5, 2021, 12pm Arizona time

Applicants wishing to appeal a project’s ranking placement must submit an appeal in writing using this online Appeals Form by the due date and time listed above. This appeals process refers to renewal and new project applications.

Eligible Appeals
The TPCH Board will only consider appeals resulting from the following:

1) Verified conflicts of interest as defined in the TPCH Governance Charter available at https://tpch.net/about/tpch-governing-documents/, 24 CFR 578, and/or 2 CFR 200

2) Violation of locally established rules as provided in this document and TPCH Governing Documents available at https://tpch.net/about/tpch-governing-documents/.

3) Technical breach of regulations established by HUD or other funding sources

4) Technical error (such as mathematical miscalculation).  Errors in application documents submitted by the project applicant, including but not limited to the Rating Tool, are the sole responsibility of the applicant are not eligible for appeal.

Appeal Review 

To assure the ability of the TPCH Continuum of Care Board and the Collaborative Applicant to take effective action, appeals to decisions made by the Independent Review Panel will be submitted to the Collaborative Applicant using the Appeals Form.  The Collaborative Applicant will review the appeal and make an initial determination of appeal eligibility based on the eligible appeals described above.  Appeals that do not appear to meet the definition of Eligible Appeals above will be marked ineligible by the Collaborative Applicant and forwarded to the non-conflicted officers of the TPCH Board for final determination of eligibility.  Appeals confirmed to be ineligible will not be forwarded to or considered by the TPCH Board.

As described in the TPCH FY 2021 Continuum of Care Program Overview, Instructions, and Process document, the TPCH CoC Board will review all eligible appeals at its November 9, 2021 meeting and may adjust rating tool scores and/or project rankings, if appropriate.  Appellants will be notified of the results of their appeal no later than November 11, 2021.  The decisions of the TPCH CoC  Board are final.

This form cannot be saved and must be completed in one sitting.  Applicants are encouraged to review each section of the appeal, prepare their responses in a separate document, and then submit once all information is collected. 

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* 3. Eligible Reason(s) for Appeal

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* 4. Describe the reason for your appeal.  Provide a concise explanation of your appeal referencing the specific violations or errors on which it is based.  Do not include information that is not relevant to the eligible appeal categories. 

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* 5. Attach evidence to support this appeal as one combined PDF or Word file.

PDF, DOCX, DOC file types only.
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* 6. By clicking submit, you acknowledge that you represent the HUD grant recipient for this project and are authorized to submit this appeal.