BCSTH Board Application Form

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Board of Directors of the BCSTH. 
In addition to completing this application, you will need to submit a letter of support from your agency. If you are the Executive Director, the letter will need to come from your board. If you are a frontline worker or house manager, the letter will need to come from your manager or the Executive Director. Please email all letters to amy@bcsth.ca
Directors will be elected by the BCSTH members at the 2021 BCSTH Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, October 19. As part of the virtual AGM election process, we are asking nominees to pre-record a short 3-5 minute introduction video to be played at the AGM. 

The application deadline is Friday, Aug 13, 5:00pm (PST). Extended

For more information please contact Hannah Lee, Manager of Membership Services at hannah@bcsth.ca.

Please read the information below before completing the application.
Requirements of Board of Directors

Governance Model

  • The length of a board term is up to 2 years. If you are appointed to fill a mid-term vacancy, your service is until the next AGM at which time you may stand for re-election.
  • Directors ideally have worked front line or in management with one of our program areas (Transition, Second or Third Stage House, Safe Home, PEACE and/or Violence Is Preventable).
  • The BCSTH Board operates under a governance model and issues brought forward for discussion are identified as either of a governance or policy matter. Operational issues in general are not the responsibility of the board to discuss or decide unless brought forward by the Executive Director.
  • An understanding of the mandate, programs and strategic plan of BCSTH is essential to the work of the board. The Board defines and oversees the strategic direction of the organization; sets the governance policies and provides financial and legal stewardship.
  • Your role as a director requires awareness and balance of both community/regional and provincial/national issues; you represent more than your agency and need to understand the issues that are relevant for your program area and sector.
The Board operates with an emphasis on
  • Outward vision rather than a focus on organizational or individual agendas;
  • Encouragement of diversity in viewpoints;
  • Strategic leadership;
  • Clear distinction of governance Board and Executive Director roles;
  • Collaborative rather than individual decisions;
  • Future rather than past or present;
  • Being proactive rather than reactive.
Committee Work
In addition to serving on the board as a whole, each director sits on one committee Finance, Leadership or Governance:
  • Finance: The role of the Finance Committee is to support the Board of Directors and Executive Director of BCSTH to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Leadership: The role of the Leadership Committee is to oversee the performance of the Executive Director and support the recruitment and development of the Board of Directors.
  • Governance: The role of the Governance Committee is to ensure that the Board of Directors fulfills its legal, ethical and financial responsibilities through adequate governance by-law, constitution, policy development and review.
Time Commitment
  • Board meetings are held 9 times a year. 6 times per year by web/teleconference and if possible in person 3 times per year. In person meetings are typically 2 days in length plus travel. Currently, due to COVID-19 all Board meetings are being held by web/teleconference and are shorter in duration.
  • Committee work requires conference calls at least quarterly.
  • The pre-board meeting email communications and use of a consent agenda allow the Board to move efficiently through agenda items that do not require much discussion. This process frees up the Board’s time for more fulsome discussions when needed.
  • This is the minimum time commitment required. The time may increase depending on what is happening with BCSTH and the sector. For example, currently, because of the need to respond to COVID-19 and the BC Restart Plan, occasional additional Board meetings are being held by web/teleconference.
  • Travel, accommodation and meal expenses for board meetings are covered by BCSTH according to policy. An expense form and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of the meeting for full reimbursement. Receipts must be submitted by March 31st or the end of fiscal year.
  • BCSTH does not compensate board members for their time, thus requiring agency support.