Welcome to the Biennial Affidavit Form - Aspen Village

Every two years, APCHA must verify whether those who own properties in the affordable housing program meet the requirements of the program.  The affidavit form below will ask for information about the people living in your unit, your employment, and your property ownership.  All questions must be completed.  At the end, you will check "Yes" to certify that  your information is complete and correct.  Thank you for helping APCHA to verify your information.

NOTE:  If you cannot complete the form in one sitting, be sure to hit "Next" at the bottom of the page where you stopped, to save your most current answers. To re-enter the survey with your saved work, you MUST use the same device you started with.  If you open your link with a different device (for instance if you re-start on your phone instead of your laptop) you will open a completely new copy of the survey and will not be able to see your prior work.