Welcome to: “ Ashgrove's Games Adventure!"

Welcome to the Ashgrove Adventure Adult Staff Volunteer Application.

Aides, please use the Aide app to apply found here.

This application will gather information on your preferences for volunteering at camp and what children you are bringing with you so we can reserve their spots. The earlier you complete the application process, the better chance you have of getting your first or second choice of placement. All staff placements are done with great care and consideration of the best benefit for camp as a whole.

If there is a * (star) next to a question, that question requires an answer.

For new leaders, please have all your Girl Scout training records available BEFORE you begin, to make the application process easier, since you can't save your previous answers.
February 16th
This is one of three steps to get set up for camp:
  1. Register as a Girl Scout (Lifetime or annual membership)
  2. Apply to volunteer process (this application)
  3. Sign up for Ashgrove Summer camp, both you and your kids
When you are ready to begin, push "Next" down below.