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In 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic was impacting the United States, health care data revealed a startling effect: significant delays and decreases in emergency care utilization for non-COVID related issues such as chest pain and stroke.

As vaccination rates across the country rise and quarantine restrictions lift; this year the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Accreditation Services' Accreditation Foundation Committee (AFC) recognizes an opportunity to restore patient confidence – that seeking early care for potentially life-ending events at hospitals is safe.

The ACC AFC is pivoting its Quality Improvement Grant program to respond to this call to action. The AFC will provide microgrants that will focus on public health education to improve community CV outcomes related to early recognition of heart attack symptoms and appropriate action steps.  Grant awards will be given to hospitals to support their rapid re-start efforts in their local communities through both traditional means such as health fairs, and innovative actions such as social media and other outreach activities. The grant is open to U.S. based hospitals.
The AFC Microgrants will provide:
• $2,000 per hospital
• $2,500 per hospital partnering with EMS, health departments or other similar organization
• $6,000 per hospital system
•  One (1) microgrant per hospital or health system (payable to the organization, not the individual applying).
• Microgrant funds may be combined with other funds to support the outreach activities.
• Outreach activities supported by the micro-grant will need to be completed 15 months after grant funds are received.
• Recipients will promote grant supported activities on social media platforms.
• Recipients will participate in a short ACC survey after completion of the grant supported activities.
*Funds cannot be used for accreditation/registry fees

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