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The Northern ACEs Collaborative (NAC), a project of the Population Health Innovation Lab (PHIL), which is a program under the Public Health Institute are pleased to be planning our 2nd Annual Rural Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Virtual Summit. 

The Summit will be held over two days, September 29 -30, 2021 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm PST each day. It is expected that that this year’s Summit will have 500+ participants from throughout the United States and abroad.

Our focus on rural issues, comes during a time when isolation during the COVID Pandemic has stretched many of our rural communities. Many of these rural areas work within frameworks of minimal resources, high poverty, limited housing, food insecurity, and lack of adequate medical services.  All these factors are contributors to high ACEs, increased domestic violence rates, and increasing suicide rates. Lack of HOPE is an indicator of preventing rural communities to move forward and escape the generational continuum of high ACEs.

This Call for Presenters is an opportunity for communities and organizations to share their emerging and promising practices that could be adapted by some of the conference participants.  With an anticipated 500 attendees from across the US this is a great opportunity to share your work and be in dialogue and learning with rural colleagues!
Summit Objectives:

• Raise awareness of the disparities as they relate to ACEs in rural regions
• Increase participant understanding of the effects of ACEs  on individuals and communities leading to a more trauma informed regions
• Provide a platform for relationship building through dialogue and information sharing geared to the unique challenges and barriers rural regions face to implement prevention interventions
• Provide both short-term and long-term solutions to  addressing ACEs and the linkages to the Social Determinants of Health through presentations and breakout sessions led by experts throughout the day.

The channels were are looking for presentations include: 

ð       Forming multi-sector collaborations
ð       Law enforcement
ð       Probation
ð       Public Health
ð       Early Childhood
ð       Youth
ð       Housing
ð       Domestic Violence
ð       Economic Development
ð       Evaluation strategies
ð       Mental Health/Behavioral Health
ð   &nb

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Selected presenters will be notified in mid-May.  We will be offering CEUs/CMUs for some workshops, so a CV/Resume, presentation outline, and agenda will be requested from selected presenters.

If you have any questions, please email Lisa Tadlock, Director,

Thank you for your interest!