Welcome to the Burning Stories 2020 Survival Survey! Yes, shit hit the fan around the planet and no-one seems to have an idea what's about to happen next, so we at the Burning Stories are keen to explore this new reality with you! 
What is this about? This survey looks forward to hearing how you are coping and feeling about life, what is the possible role of your Burning Man (BRC / regional) experience and the burner community in this situation, and finally, how do you perceive the changes to society. 

Why should you answer? When you go through the survey, we hope that it gives you a moment for inspiration and opportunity to reflect where you and your community are at the moment.
Completing this will take approximately 15-20 minutes. After the completion of data collection around the end of September, we will share with you a 3-page summary of the preliminary results, which hopefully will benefit you. The responsible team for the survey design from Burning Stories is Dr. Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä, Dr. Elina Koivisto, Dr. Frank Martela and Dr. Emilia Lahti. See our BIOs from here.
At the end of the scholarly rigorous survey, you will receive our small gift, which is a world premiere literature review on Cat Video research. 
This is a community effort, after the completion of the survey, we would be very thankful if you can share it with your community / fellow burners. Thank you so much for your support!