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Each year, ETV Education gathers feedback from hundreds of South Carolina's teachers, staff, and administrators to learn best how to serve our educational community. Based on your input, ETV has created: LearningWhy for classes using one-to-one; new online recertification courses; tailored hands-on training to meet your needs; and new SC educational content to help better facilitate learning.

Estimated Survey Completion Time: 8-9 minutes

In appreciation of your time to complete the full survey, all responses received by June 5 will be entered for a chance to win some cool prizes. Winners will be announced on June 8 at

1 Winner - Apple iPad Pro X 64 GB - a $950 value
2 Winners - PBS TeacherLine Southeast online course - up to $355 value per course
3 Winners - ETV Teacher Recertification 20 renewal-credit online course - $75 value for each
3 Winners - ETV Swag Pack - Miscellaneous ETV items up to $150 value for each 

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* 1. How many years of experience do you have working in/on behalf of education?

For the following questions, please consider your role in education for the 2019-20 school year so far.
(If you changed positions during this time, please answer in terms of the position you've held the longest.)

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* 2. Which title(s) best describes your educational role?
(check all that apply)

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* 3. What is your curriculum area/specialty?
(check all that apply)

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* 4. Grade Level: Educators, what levels do you serve? Students, what grade are you enrolled? Parents/guardians/caregivers, what grade level(s) represent(s) the student(s) you work most closely with. (Check all that apply.)

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* 5. What is your school/institution type? 
(check all that apply)

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