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Most Australian farmers say a good working dog can do the work of at least two or three people. The Cobber Challenge will highlight just what a vital member of the team they are.

The Cobber Challenge is celebrating its fifth year of bringing working dogs to Australia's attention by introducing a special new format: All Stars Vs Contenders! 

Six returning competitors will take on six new competitors to once again gather some of Australia's toughest, fastest and fittest working dogs, to test them in their natural environment.
Dogs from each state will be fitted with a GPS collar over a period of three weeks. Their data - distance travelled, duration worked and average speed - will be uploaded to a website daily so you can follow the performance of individual dogs, as well as the best performing State. Points will be calculated daily based on this information to determine the All Stars Vs Contenders Cobber Champion. 
As well as the glory of being a Cobber Champion, and a year’s supply of Cobber Working Dog feed for the winning dog, this year’s winner will receive a $3000 cash prize to be attributed to one/any of the following pursuits:
  • A working dog breeding program (existing or new)
  • Further training for your working dog
  • Participation in working dog trials

Cobber will provide the fuel for these dogs, as it does for thousands of working dogs every day around the country.

Want to throw your hat in the ring? Fill out the nomination form below. You may need to gather the following things before you get started. 
  • A current photo of the dog you are entering
  • The name of your local feed store
  • 20-50 words on why you want to participate in the 2020 Cobber Challenge 
  • 20-50 words on why you and your dog think you can win the 2020 Cobber Challenge 
  • Your dog's track record in trials (if your dog competes in trials)
  • Your social media handles (names) 

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