Council Expectations of Appointed Boards and Commissions

As you consider applying for a position, please note that the Bellevue City Council has identified the following general expectations of its Boards and Commissions:

1.  Sift through policy issues to narrow the decision points for the Council.
2.  Provide a synopsis of the cross section of the public's perspective (take all the public input and develop information for Council to allow it to see the community's input).
3.  Engage the public on a particular topic on behalf of the Council.
4.  Attend pertinent community events and engage with the public to gather information and to develop a sense of what the community wants.
5.  Follow direction of the Council.
6.  Do assigned work within a schedule and prepare reports back to the Council on schedule.
7.  Attend meetings regularly.
8.  Come prepared for meetings.
9.  Listen to fellow members and work well together.
10. Serve on additional committees as appointed by Council to contribute individual expertise on cross-functional policy issues and to be a conduit for issues coming to his/her respective board or commission.
11. Consider and take into account technical, legal, and financial guidance provided by staff members where relevant.
12. Provide thoughtful input regarding policy issues and exercise independent judgement within the framework, guidelines, or direction provided by the Council.
13. Serve and make recommendations based on the public interest.
14. Consider relevant input from other boards and commissions.

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