Introduction to Program

The College Women's Startup Project is designed to help foster the growth of college women's ultimate by incentivizing new teams and facilitating the development of new women's programs.

Who can apply?
Brand new college women’s programs or teams who have not participated in the college series in the past two years.

Free USA Ultimate College Memberships for a period of three years, allocated in the following manner: 
- Year 1 – 10 Free Memberships 
- Year 2 – 7 Free Memberships 
- Year 3 – 5 Free Memberships 

Free team start-up kit 
- Free Team Kit in year one. Kit includes discs, cones, skills & drills manuals, stickers and handouts. ($120 value)

Support Network
- Connection to women’s team network - a network of ultimate players with experience founding and/or developing college women's programs, who will serve as sources of information and support.

Coaching help:
- 1 Free coach membership per team, with background check included. 

- Periodic communication with and updates sent to USA Ultimate staff.
- Compliance with administrative requirements of the program.
- Participation in at least 1 2020 regular season or college series event. 

Contact USA Ultimate College Manager Tom Manewitz -