20 American veterans commit suicide every day. This is a tragedy we veterans can do something about.

We're planning this disabled veteran support event in March 2020, just as the Covid-19 virus begins impacting America. We may need to cancel the event - and we will if there is the slightest indication of any health risk to participants and staff; however, helping veterans with PTSD is such a pressing need that we feel we should proceed with our planning and cancel if prudent.

The date is October 3, 2020, for a day of #FunWithCars on the Jefferson Circuit at Summit Point Raceway, just 60 miles west of Washington, DC at Summit Point, West Virginia.

We have developed a very fun day for veteran auto enthusiasts and their families to raise funds for companion dogs for veterans suffering from PTSD. Events details are at 2020 VetsRally4Vets

This family-friendly event includes paced parade laps, skidpad fun, and timed track laps for those who want a bit more adventure. Instructors will be available.

Please answer the following questions and help us create the best possible event. 

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* 1. We are planning for the following events, none of which require a racing license, only a valid driver's license. Which event(s) would you like to participate in?

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* 2. Although the events do not require a competition driving license or previous competition participation, please tell us a little about your experience.

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* 3. This is a fun event and we all know about our never-ending friendly inter-Service rivalries, so we're going to combine time trial driving times and award some trophies to keep until the 2021 event! Let us know your Service affiliation . . .

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* 4. We need to pay for the track time and support staff at Summit Point. If you work for a company that might like to make a donation to underwrite part of the event, please complete the contact form below.

We are building a new website for the event and we will list all sponsors on the website and issue periodic press releases on the lead-in to the event.

We also are building up a donated MX-5 Miata and sponsor logos will be placed on the vehicle for an entire year.

We promise no hard-sell pitches if you reach out to us!

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* 5. Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey.  Please visit our website for Event Details and join the information email list: Join the information list.

Your participation will help veterans working to manage their PTSD. We hope to see you at Summit Point!

Best regards,

Robert Hess
U.S. Army (R)