Listed below are some of the qualities that nominated WNT players should possess;

The WNT program is rigorous it requires players to be self-motivated, driven individuals.

It requires a daily effort both on and off the pitch.

Players are encouraged to take individual responsibility and at the same time being supportive of those around them.

Players are inquisitive and creative, with the ability to think for themselves.

They have the technical and tactical ability and game understanding to make the right options work.

They can perform under pressure and consistently deliver outcomes.

The players will need to be physically robust enough and show high levels of durability in order to cope with the international competition.  Ultimately, they will need to able to repeat high intensity performances throughout a competition with limited recovery.

They will be versatile, meaning they can play across lines in a variety of positions

Can adapt to different playing styles and tactics.

Are selfless in their attitude and consider the team first. 

Are open-minded, continually looking to grow as a player, open to new ideas.

They play to their strengths. 

Are mentally robust, they have a strong belief in themselves and can manage the highs and lows of international sport. 

Possess the ability to think clearly under pressure.

They are self-reflective and have a strong sense of self-awareness. 

In addition to general play they have specialist skills (penalty corner skills). 

They are optimistic.

They are problem solvers.