Welcome to the IAHSS Foundation Healthcare Crime Survey (US).  We appreciate your participation!

Early Access:  Aggregated (non-specific) data from the Healthcare Crime Survey will be shared with the public via the IAHSS Foundation website.  We will provide all respondents who provide their contact information (see our note on Confidentiality below) with early access to the Healthcare Crime Survey Results.  We appreciate your support!

Confidentiality:  This is a confidential survey.  Responses will not identify any participants by location, name, etc. Your data will not be released outside the IAHSS Foundation.  

1. If you are responding for more than one hospital, please complete one survey for each hospital.

2.  The first 12 questions require an answer.  The remaining questions are optional.  Please review the crime definitions carefully. The Healthcare Crime Survey uses federal crime definitions from the FBI which may vary from state definitions.

Contact:  Should you have any questions, please contact Karim Vellani at kv@threatanalysis.com
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