One Voice Central Texas is committed to advancing public confidence and support for the nonprofit sector by exemplifying ethical practices, accountability and the highest standards of quality service.  Every 18 months, the Standards of Excellence Committee updates a Standards Accountability Guide, which includes resources and guidance for improving the quality of nonprofits as well as the following self-assessment that members complete to identify their organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
One Voice uses the aggregated results of the self-assessment to identify ways to support nonprofits in meeting accountability standards, which may include activities such as identifying seasoned executives to serve as mentors to provide support, pairing peer Executive Directors to learn from one another, and providing trainings. Additionally, based on the aggregate feedback from the self-assessment tool, One Voice will identify specific nonprofit needs for strengthening infrastructure and will share these needs with local capacity-building organizations and funders in the hopes that they will provide support for strengthening nonprofit infrastructure.
Members can use the self-assessment tool to benchmark their organizations, ensure that their agencies are meeting best practices, and identify the key strengths of their organization as well as areas in which they could use assistance.
All information received about a specific organization or individual through the Standards of Excellence self-assessment and the mentoring program remains confidential.
Disclaimer: The self-assessment tool should not be construed as legal services to any organization or individual.