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Outline of the program 

The WEST Mentoring Program aims to help mentees achieve a personal or career goal by enabling dynamic non-traditional groups to provide perspectives from multiple mentors and peers, so that focused actions are developed and implemented.


In order to provide an empowering and enriching experience, discussion topics will be solicited from mentees on a per-meeting basis. This flexibility will enable mentees to evolve their topic selections as they progress through the program. Mentees will also be allowed to suggest specific topics of their own interest. In this way, the program seeks to be responsive to mentee needs.

In the program there will be 1 orientation for mentors on 2/9, 1 kickoff/training for all on 2/23 and 5 meetings on 3/2, 3/23, 4/13, 5/4, and 5/25 (networking and 2 pod sessions, total time per meeting is 2 hours). Total time commitment: 8-12 hours over 6 meetings plus prep time for each meeting. Additional details can be found here -

The dynamic “pod” structure will have mentors who address questions in two topics per evening, with 1-3 mentees who rotate to 2 different breakout rooms of their choice per session. If demand for a topic is great, a mentor may be called on to address one topic with 2 different cohorts of mentees in a given evening. Mentors will know ahead of the event what topics they will cover. 

Mentee cohorts will change as they move to different breakout rooms. In this way, mentees will be able to receive input from multiple mentors and multiple mentee peers over the course of the program.

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* 3. Share your job title and department as well as a short description of your role, expertise, and/or experience.

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* 6. Why are you interested in participating in the WEST mentoring program? (50 words or less)

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* 7. Have you previously served as a mentor?

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* 8. If yes, what type of program was it? (formal or informal, through work or through an organization, one-to-one or group) How did it go?

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