2020 Virtual SDC SMB3 Interoperability Lab

The SNIA SMB3 Interoperability (IO) Lab will take place online Monday, September 21 through Wednesday, September 23, 2020, during the virtual  Storage Developer Conference (SDC).

How to Register
A Primary Representative from each company participating in the SMB3 IO Lab is required to register their company for the Interoperability Lab by completing this form.

The fee to participate in the SDC SMB3 Interoperability Lab is $95 for each Lab participant. This includes full access to the virtual Storage Developer Conference sessions. If any of your Interoperability Lab Engineers already have an SDC Conference pass from being a speaker or through sponsorship then there is no additional fee for them to participate, however you still need to complete this registration form for your company.

Once this company registration form has been completed you will be sent additional information so that each of your IO Lab Engineers can register for the IO Lab.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Arnold Jones (arnold@snia.org).

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