Welcome to the 2020 application for the City of Aspen Non-Profit Grants and Wheeler Opera House Arts Grants!   Follow the directions here to make sure you have the smoothest experience with this application form:

1. Right now, bookmark the application URL to your browser favorites so you can most easily to return to a partially completed application.  

2. Use the same device (computer) every time you open your application. The software places a cookie on your device, so that each time you open your application, it recognizes you.  If you use different devices or delete the cookie by clearing your browser history, you will inadvertently create separate, multiple applications.  Should you happen to delete the cookie, and can no longer see your  previously saved work, please contact Julie Gillespie (see #7 below).

3.  Complete a FULL page AND save your work  by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.   If you don’t finish the entire page and hit Save, your work on that page will not be saved.

4. On the last page, only hit “Submit” after you have completed the entire application. You’ll know you’ve successfully submitted your application when you are taken to the Wheeler's grants homepage.

5. If you need to submit more than one Non-profit or more than one Wheeler Arts grant application, please contact Julie Gillespie at the email address or phone number below for assistance first. At this time, only one application per link per organization can be submitted, and we will need to create a separate, additional link for your additional application.

6.   After you submit your application, staff will generate a PDF of your application and email it to you.  Please allow up to 2 business days to receive the PDF of your submitted application. 

7. For help please contact Julie Gillespie at or at 970-920-5774.