Rules and Regulations

Before you begin, please read through the instructions carefully.
If you need clarification, the Mississauga Arts Council office is open virtually from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Questions? Email
  • Self-nominations or posthumous nominations, (with the exception of the Lifetime Achievement Awards) will not be accepted.
  • Previously Nominated Candidates are eligible to be re-nominated. 
  • One Nomination per form.
  • Please note that submissions will be accepted electronically only. If for some reason you do not have the ability to apply online, please call 905-807-3874.

  • An Emerging artist has been practising the medium for less than three years.
  • Emerging and Established Arts Award nominee must be currently practising in their discipline.
  • These awards are open to both amateur and professional artists and his/her activities may extend beyond the borders of the city.
  • Nominees MUST be a current member of the Mississauga Arts Council. To join or confirm your status email
  • Winners cannot be nominated for the same award within three (3) years of receiving the award.
  • Current Board of Directors and staff of the Mississauga Arts Council, the MARTYS Committee and Judges are not eligible to apply or be nominated but may nominate others.

Adjudication Criteria
  • Artistic merit
  • Artistic message and the works emotional impact
  • The originality of concept or idea
  • Innovative use of the medium
  • The technical execution of the medium

Selection of Winners

The selection of the winners will be conducted by judges who are prominent members of the arts community within their respective disciplines. The decision of the judges is final. It is at the discretion of the judges of each discipline whether or not the award will be presented annually.

Nominations are due Tuesday, April 6, 2021.
The Mississauga Arts Council is not responsible for incomplete applications or applications that have not been received.
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