Last November, LWVUS launched the inaugural legislative priorities guidance and survey to state and local Leagues inquiring into their legislative priorities and offering guidance around priorities to align under the Making Democracy Work®(MDW) campaign. We are happy to offer this guidance again this year as LWV’s establish their legislative priorities for the 2020 legislative cycle.  
As with 2019 we are also interested in hearing from Leagues about the priorities they have set. By filling out this survey you are helping LWVUS support your work as and help determine the tools and resources needed in the field. 
Information from this survey will be shared with Leagues in the following ways: 

  1. A final aggregate of survey data will be shared broadly with Leagues, 
  2. Graphics to help visualize the work of the collective League will be shared internally, and
  3. Local League responses will be shared with state Leagues.  
Finally, LWVUS will launch a follow-up survey in April 2020 for Leagues to use to report back on actual work that occurred during the legislative cycle. For states with longer legislative cycles, we will work to get that information when available.  
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