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Visit Tri-Cities Excellence in Service Award is a prestigious award that celebrates and recognizes members of the Tri-Cities’ tourism and service industry for their ongoing commitment to go above and beyond to provide customer service.

During these difficult times, we recognize that businesses are unable to operate at full capacity.  As we work to overcome challenges, it is important to celebrate the little things and showcase individuals and businesses who are heightening the level of service they provide through innovation and help make the experience in the Tri-Cities that much better.

From the hotel to the golf course…from the coffee shop barista to the restaurant server providing take-out…from the winery to distillery and brewery offering curbside pick-up. Join us in celebrating excellent customer service in the Tri-Cities. Please help us identify those who provide excellent customer service by submitting a nomination for the Excellence in Service Award.  The recipient of the award will receive a $500 gift card sponsored by Battelle.

Nominees should:
·   Demonstrate exemplary and innovative customer service and value
·   Assist in creating a memorable experience in the Tri-Cities
·   Serve as an example to others
·   Be a contributor to the community and tourism industry

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The Tri-Cities Excellence in Service Award will be announced at the Visit Tri-Cities Annual Meeting on November 3, 2020. A committee comprised of leaders from the Tri-Cities business community will be selecting the top nominee for the award. Nominees are not judged by the number of nominations received but by the quality of nominations submitted.