Introduction to Discussions

TPA 2020 Annual Convention - Inclusion
November 12-14, 2020
Renaissance Austin Hotel
Proposal Receipt Deadline:  July 31

TPA is pleased to announce its 2020 Annual Convention Call for Proposals. TPA is now accepting proposals for workshops, posters, discussions (previously symposiums), and our new category: data blitz sessions. TPA President Dr. Megan Mooney and the TPA Convention Committee encourage submissions from all individuals in all settings representing psychology. We especially welcome submissions relating to this year’s convention theme: INCLUSION.

A discussion is a focused, thematic session in which multiple presenters provide a review of content on a particular topic. In order to attain cohesion, the discussion should focus on a specific theme and presenters should review the most salient points related to their portion of the discussion. The format of a discussion usually contains an introduction to the topic background and two to three viewpoints on the topic. For example, the overall theme of a discussion may be "Facilitating Posttraumatic Growth in Clinical Practice" and include individual reviews of: 1) overview of the theory of posttraumatic growth; 2) specific techniques for facilitating posttraumatic growth with trauma clients; and 3) integrating posttraumatic growth principles within evidence-based interventions for posttraumatic stress disorder. 

Participants will intentionally engage the audience and solicit comments and questions. The discussion will include a minimum of two and maximum of three presenters (a reduction from a maximum of five in previous years). One of the presenters will be identified as the "chair" of the discussion in order to introduce the topic and presenters and facilitate discussion between the presenters and audience. (1 hour)