Election for DAMA International Board and Officers

DAMA International is pleased to open the 2020 elections for DAMA International Board of Directors and Officer positions.

DAMA International Bylaws
3.7.2 paragraph 3: 

"If there is only one nominee for any position, no voting for that position is required. The nominee will automatically join the Board the following January 1."

Uncontested positions and incoming Directors are:
President: Peter Aiken (DAMA Central Virginia)
VP Online Services: Jerrod Young (DAMA Kansas City)

DAMA International Bylaws
3.7.3 Voting

"Directors are elected by votes cast by active Chapters as per Section 8.3. Each Chapter may submit one vote for each Director position. Voting may be recorded through an executed electronically transmitted record."

Contested position: VP Member Services
Frank Kadwell (DAMA Minnesota)
Ron Klein (IRMAC - Toronto)

DAMA International recognizes that the current by-Laws need to be amended to address the voting rights of Central members, and plans to do so as soon as possible.

Chapter votes are submitted via this form. Election closes on November 30 2020 at 11:59pm UTC. (Questions: nominations@dama.org)
25% of survey complete.