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* 1. Chapter Information:

Instructions:  If you want to have a copy of this completed survey, be sure to print each page before clicking on the NEXT tab.  

A chapter may work toward one of the following Honor Chapter Award categories:
                  Bronze Honor Chapter          50 points
                  Silver Honor Chapter          100 points
                  Gold Honor Chapter            150 points

To be considered for any of the categories, a chapter must have completed the entire application.  Explanations MUST be provided when asked for.  A chapter may choose any combination of the activities/projects listed to receive the necessary points for Honor Chapter Recognition.  Explanations of the activities and projects must be placed only in the space provided.  Photos and media documentation must be emailed to prior to March 13, 2020 to be considered as part of the application.  Please put Chapter Honor Award in the subject line of the email.  No activity or project can be counted for credit in more than one category.