The projected INCOME for the 2020 fiscal year is $47,708 ($2100 greater than projected in 2019).

The projected EXPENSES for the 2020 fiscal year are estimated to be $45,185, which is nearly the same as the actual expenses in 2018.

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* 1. Sources of income include dues, advertising, payments for new judge training, magazine sales, AGS Supporter donations and bank interest. The anticipated increase is based on the trend seen in 2019 of a modest increase in the number of new members and paid advertising in the magazine as well as greater magazine sales.

Anticipated income for 2020 is $47,708

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* 2. Anticipated Expenses include printing of the magazine, postage, stipends for Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Advertising Manager, Magazine Editor, and necessary expenses related to IT/web services, bonding insurance, bank and PayPal fees, and office supplies.

Anticipated expenses for 2020 are $45,185
We anticipate being in the black again at the end of 2020

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