2019 Accomplishments

Your donations helped Chesapeake Conservancy and our partners accomplish a lot in 2019. Help us understand which of these achievements mattered to you the most.
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* How important is each of these successes to you?

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Designated Mallows Bay-Potomac River as a National Marine Sanctuary, the first ever in the Chesapeake
Added almost 20,000 acres to national forests, national wildlife refuges, and state and local parks
Worked with local organizations to plant more than 10,000 trees and bushes along streams in Pennsylvania to best protect clean water
Brought Chesapeake experiences and education to local communities in partnership with the National Park Service
Created and used new data to help strengthen Anne Arundel County’s law to protect trees
Launched a data-driven initiative with more than 50 partners to protect 30% of the land in the Chesapeake Bay watershed by 2030
Engaged over 2,000 Spanish-speaking park visitors to help them protect the Chesapeake
Connected the public to over 420 authentic Chesapeake experiences and places with the Find Your Chesapeake website
Inspired millions of people through webcams featuring Great Blue Heron, Osprey, and Peregrine Falcons