1. Introduction

Thank you for your ongoing support of the accreditation process. As part of your program's continuing accreditation you are required to submit an annual report and pay your annual maintenance fees. This annual report is a representation of what you are doing, not a determination of validity.

Your annual report is to be submitted via this online form no later than March 6, 2020.

Editing responses:
By using the same device and web browser you may return to the report at any time to edit or complete responses - up until March 1, 2020 when the collector will be disabled. The survey will store a cookie in your browser that remembers your survey responses.  Responses are saved and submitted when a respondent clicks the Next or Done button on each page of the survey. Responses don’t automatically save as each question is answered—they are saved and submitted page by page as respondents progress through the survey. Please edit responses by using the "Previous" and "Done" buttons in the survey.  A "page expired" situation is typical when the back button on a browser is used because the browser is trying to reload previously saved information.

If you have one program the total number of questions is less than 30. This form accommodates up to four programs for a total of 70 questions.

"*" Means a question requires an answer.

Per the COAPRT Handbook:
All programs are required to submit an Annual Progress Report providing statistics for the previous academic year, specifying improvements made, reporting any significant changes and reporting on status of the 1.0 series standards and standards 2.05.05, 3.06, 3.07, and the 7.0 series.

An answer of “no” to questions involving the 1.0 series, 2.05.05, 3.06, and 3.07 standards would constitute non-compliance. For the 7.0 series, failure to report the use of three assessment measures (two of which must be direct) would constitute non-compliance. If non-compliance is determined after Council review, additional information will be requested and the institution's continuing accreditation status may be impacted.

Please contact us at COAPRT@accreditationcouncil.org with questions.

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* 1. Name of institution.

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* 2. Name and contact information of the Primary Contact for your COAPRT Accredited Program(s). All communications regarding accreditation will be sent to this person.

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* 3. Information

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* 4. Name(s) of accredited programs.