2020 CALL FOR ONLINE WORKSHOPS: Proposals Due 12/31/2020

Proposals Due 12/31/2020

NAMI Kansas is pleased to announce its 2020 - 2021 Online Workshop and Learning as we pivot from the preCovid-19 world to the new landscape of distancing and staying safe.  While we had planned to host our 2020 NAMI Kansas Conference in Wichita this year, our new landscape of hosting gatherings, meetings, and training opportunities has prompted new ways of staying connected, engaging our members and supporters, and providing learning environments.  Therefore, we are happy to announce our 2020-2021 Online NAMI Kansas Conversations on Mental Health monthly workshops. 

NAMI Kansas is the statewide organization of the National Alliance on Mental Health.  NAMI is a grassroots organization that provides education, support and advocacy for individuals who are living with a mental illness and their families.  Our vision includes increasing our relevance to diverse constituencies within our communities and growing new partnerships at the state and local levels while expanding our organizational reach to unserved areas of the state. 

NAMI Kansas will offer and host monthly workshops on the third Friday of each month, beginning July 17, 2020 through June 18, 2021, from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm via GoToWebinar.   Workshop opportunities are 60 minutes in length and will require a PowerPoint style presentation to help visually engage the participants.  NAMI Kansas staff will navigate the online platform experience. 

NAMI Kansas invites workshop proposals which help us stretch our vision and provide tools for taking the next steps consistent with our Conversations on Mental Health theme and our strategic roles and goals. 

Our strategic roles are 1) Educate and Support, 2) Advocate, 3) Lead the Conversation, and 4) Listen and Build our Community.

Our strategic goals are 1) People Get Help Early, 2) People Get the Best Possible Care, and 3) People Get Diverted from Justice Involvement.

We want to empower everyday heroes to make a difference at all levels of society, from the individual and family unit to the larger communities in which they live, and across the delivery systems which affect those living with mental illness.  Workshop proposals should therefore include a description of the workshop content and a brief explanation of how the workshop aligns with one or more of our strategic roles and strategic goals.

While we are particularly interested in soliciting workshop proposals which are consistent with our 2020-2021 Online NAMI Kansas Conversations on Mental Health theme, we will entertain any meaningful proposals relating to emerging trends and best practices of interest to an audience largely comprised of individuals living with mental illness and their families.  Areas of request include, but not limited to: Tele-health; Responding to COVID-19 Landscape and Mental Health; Strategies for Warm-Lines, Help-Lines, and Resource-Lines; Offering Support through Online Platforms and Strategies; Assisted Outpatient Treatment; Advocacy and Online Platforms; Crisis Intervention Teams and Initiatives; Living on Fixed Budget: Cooking, Healthy Meal Planning; Finding Work After Release from Prison; Crisis Intervention; Cultural Diversity; How Diet Impacts Mental Health; Overview of NAMI Signature Programs; Responding to the Needs of Veterans, Military Personnel, and Their Families; Strategies to Grow Affiliate Memberships; Peer Focus: Respite, Communication, Support, Recovery, and Peer Specialists; Specialized Mental Health Focus: Bi-polar Disorder, OCD, Anxiety; Children and Teens Focus.

All workshops will be offered on the third Friday of each month, 3pm – 4pm, US Central, beginning July 17, 2020 through June 18, 2021, via GoToWebinar.