Thank you for registering for the 2019 Summer Institute!

Thank you for providing us with feedback about your teaching and SEMIS experience as well as your needs during our 2019 SEMIS Summer Institute.  Your thoughtful responses will help us provide deep experiences in both content and process, as well as in relationship building and networking, so that you leave with a sense of purpose, energy, and empowerment.  This survey should take about 15-25 minutes to complete. We appreciate your time!! 
 2019 Essential Question:
How can we use Place-based Education and an Ecojustice framework to investigate our interconnectedness with nature and our communities? How can we use this inquiry to inform how we will act together with students towards building just, healthy, and sustainable communities? 

Themes for this year's institute will continue and include: Interconnectedness, resilience, and interdependence. 
We will also continue using the Great Lakes Literacy Principles to explore these themes, questions, and ideas - specifically #6 & #8. 
  • Great Lakes Literacy Principles #6: The Great Lakes and Humans in their Watersheds are inextricably interconnected.  
  • Great Lakes Literacy Principles #8: The Great Lakes are socially, economically, and environmentally significant to the region, the nation and the planet.
We look forward to being in community with you and exploring our essential question together during the 2019 SEMIS Coalition Summer Institute!